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Frank is the epitome of the cliche "It's never too late..." He attended SUNY Albany pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice for 4 years. Then he came to a realization. Sure, he could finish school, maybe become a lawyer and live a life of unbelievable comfort and luxury. But he realized that he had ignored the passion that burned dormant inside him his whole life. This smoldering flame, asphyxiated by several thick layers of varying types of conformity, and a thinner top layer of mixed procrastination, fear, and self-doubt, suddenly and irrationally came roaring to life. And so at the ripe ol' age of 27, Frank began improvising. He has studied extensively at The Magnet, UCB, and Annoyance theaters. He was a member of house teams Attack Heart Attack at The Magnet Theater and Improv Nation at the former eGarage. He can currently be seen performing in his two man group, Genetic Freaks, alongside George Fernandez, as well as with Jacob's Parting Gift, and Face Off Unlimited






Frank is currently artistic director of The Queen's Secret Improv Club (known as "QSIC"- kyü sik ) at The Secret Theatre in Long Island City and hopes to risk it to success. He is probably lurking on the DL in the last row of chairs at your indie show, furtive and alone; trying to "keep up with the times" like some dark-dwelling creep. 


When he's not in the shadows, you can find him performing a short-form show at Times Scare with Face Off Unlimited, coaching your indie team, in the tech booth at QSIC (he does a mean black out),  and occasionally acting in films. Frank also makes interesting musical mash-ups. If you happen to be on facebook at 5 am, you're likely to come across one, because when most people are sleeping, Frank is creating on his couch like some dark-dwelling creep.

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