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The Queen's Secret Improv Club is an improv comedy collective, comprised of invited indie teams and QSIC auditioned House teams. Performing regularly in the burgeoning comedy capital of Queens known as Long Island City, the QSIC's mission is to collect and exhibit only the finest specimens in the genus of live, spontaneous comedy. The QSIC offers club memberships to theater-goers in lieu of individually ticketed shows. Members of The Club enjoy free admission to shows, as well as access to drink specials.


One of the biggest advantages The Queen’s Secret Improv Club has right now is its small size and no rules and red tape about who can or cannot perform.  Our performers’ backgrounds are truly heterogeneous. We don’t care how many levels of classes you have enrolled in or where you learned to improvise.  If we think you are good, we will actively recruit you, we will put you on stage, and we will give you the chance to shine. If we think you are great, we will keep you performing here as much as possible. There is no measure of the difference in growth you will see merely improvising in a classroom or doing an indie show once a month; versus improvising in full-show conditions every week with a committed, stable team. The classroom is absolutely a necessary part of becoming a good player and learning technique, but performing and practicing regularly as a unit is the onlyway to achieve group mind and take it to the next level. We are seeking to develop next level teams who want to help put The Queen’s Secret Improv Club on the map.

To find out more about the artistic direction of QSIC, please check out this blog post. All inquiries can sent to Frank at And follows us on facebook!

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